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Anxious girl holding books. Caption: Back to School Anxiety

Back to School Anxiety

Going back to school can be a challenging time for youth and at times can result in moodiness and anxiety. The pressure is now greater than ever for kids to perform at higher levels, which can lead to school-related anxiety and fear. The transition can test...

Young girl and psychologist in discussion. IOP or PHP? What's the difference between the two programs?


Adolescence is a trying time for all teenagers, but for some teenagers it’s more difficult to face challenges in a healthy way than others. As a parent or caregiver, it can be just as difficult to find ways to support your teen during this time....

Happy LGBT Youth Pride Month

Parental Support for LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health

Parents and caregivers who show support, even through simple actions, can help lower suicide risk and bolster their LGBTQ+ youth's mental health. June is Pride Month in the United States. It’s a time when many LGBTQ+ community members gather to celebrate their experiences, support one another and...

signs of depression in teenage girls

Depression Among Teen Girls on the Rise

A recent CDC study revealed alarming statistics about the mental health of teenage girls. Nearly three in five expressed feeling persistently sad or hopeless in 2021 -- a nearly 60 percent increase from 2011. An estimated one in three seriously considered attempting suicide, up early 60%...

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