Experiential Therapies

Experiential Therapies

Experiential recreational and therapeutic activities are the heart of the therapeutic setting, which, in concert with the entire treatment program, is designed around cognitive behavioral principles drawing heavily from Social Learning Theory and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  The importance of patterned repetition and rhythmic activities to calm anxious nervous systems help the youth understand that their behavior makes a difference and that they can influence outcomes.

Planned experiential activities are an integral part of the Camino a Casa program and are often the best way for youth to learn and apply social, problem solving, leisure time, and cognitive skills.  Therapeutic activities provide an opportunity for youth to practice the skills they have learned and give staff a chance to shape behavior through coaching and positive reinforcement in more organic interactions.  Throughout the week, both on-campus and “in the community” activities promote social and community connections.  Staff is trained to identify specific goals and objectives for each activity and to process these goals with the youth in pre-and post-activity meetings.

    • On-campus experiential activities are developed and run by Youth Development Specialists. They include the routine activities of the day such as meal preparation and clean-up, laundry, room care, homework, and “huddles”- group meetings that help transitions, set goals, and are used for problem solving. Youth Development Specialists and recreational therapists also run activities such as sports clinics, arts and crafts, healthy cooking, etc.
    • Community activities provide youth with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the community, develop a sense of leisure time resources and provide for an opportunity to have “normal” adolescent experiences off campus. Community resources include, but are not limited to, trips to local museums, a ranch offering equine therapy, art studio, the movies, libraries, bowling etc.  Off campus activities are pre-planned and pre-approved.  The purpose and goal of the outing will be clearly identified whether for leisure, educational, or therapeutic purposes.

You Gave Me Hope

"Casa Pacifica gave me the hope, strength, and tools I needed to move forward with my life."

Camino a Casa Client

We've Made So Much Progress

"Thanks to Casa Pacifica and their wonderful Camino a Casa program, we've really made huge strides
with our daughter's behavior. She's back at school and happy again."

Parent of A Camino a Casa Client

A Big Thank You to Casa Pacifica

"Our son was having major difficulties and the Camino a Casa program really
turned things around for him. We're so happy to have our son back!"

Parent of a Camino a Casa Client

I learned to trust adults again

"While at Casa Pacifica I learned to trust adults again and for the first
time in my life I felt safe, respected, appreciated, and loved."

Camino a Casa Client

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