Our Program

Our Program

Casa Pacifica’s Camino a Casa program is designed to treat youth age 12 – 17 years who struggle with emotional dysregulation and high-risk behaviors that jeopardize their safety at home, school and/or the community.  The goal of Camino a Casa is to help youth stabilize and improve emotional regulation by acquiring skills and insights that lead to more adaptable levels of functioning and reduce acuity to the point that the youth can be safely and effectively treated in a less intense level of care.  Treatment outcomes include the following:

    1. The youth’s psychiatric symptoms and daily functioning are fully stabilized;
    2. The parent/legal guardian(s) have the resources and capacity to meet the youth’s treatment needs;
    3. The youth is connected to community resources that will sustain treatment progress; and
    4. The youth is able to transition home safely and attend outpatient care.

The program facilitates this through a therapeutic environment and intensive behavioral and psychiatric services tailored to each youth and their families’ individual needs, strengths, and growth opportunities.


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You make the decision, we’ll take care of the rest.  805-366-4000