Psychiatric & Health Services

Psychiatric & Health Services

Casa Pacifica Health Clinic is a licensed Community Care Clinic through the California Department of Public Health.  The staff is comprised of Psychiatric Providers, a part-time Physician, Supervising Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), and Medical Assistants (MA).  Youth in the residential and partial hospitalization programs are scheduled for weekly medication management appointments with a psychiatric provider.  The psychiatric provider works closely with parent/legal guardian(s) to manage current medications and/or make any medication changes.  Youth in the intensive outpatient program continue to see their outpatient psychiatric provider, while Camino a Casa staff collaborate with this provider to support the youth. There is an on-call psychiatric provider available for any questions or concerns.  In addition, there is a part-time physician who serves as medical consultant and oversees youth with medically fragile conditions.  All direct care staff are trained in First Aid & CPR.

Medication Management:

Each youth admitted to Camino a Casa is evaluated by a Psychiatrist or Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who provides medication evaluation and management. Youth are provided psychiatric service weekly and the psychiatric provider is involved in treatment planning and ongoing case consultation.



Comprehensive Clinical Assessment:

Upon intake, each youth and their parents or guardians will participate in a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment and a preliminary risk and health screening conducted by a clinician and the health services department. Psychological testing may be included as indicated. An individualized treatment plan will be created based on the results of the biopsychosocial assessment and preliminary risk and health screening.


Psychological Testing:

Youth identified as not having recent psychological testing, who need to have their diagnosis confirmed, or have questions that may be answered by testing may be referred to have a psychological screener administered. This testing battery will examine emotional and cognitive functioning. The assessment clinician presents the results of the testing to the direct care staff at the weekly meeting with recommendations on best ways to interact with the specific youth. In a separate meeting, the parent/legal guardian(s) will be given feedback on the testing results. The treatment plan may be adjusted t any time based on these results and recommendations of the testing or changing needs.

You Gave Me Hope

"Casa Pacifica gave me the hope, strength, and tools I needed to move forward with my life."

Camino a Casa Client

We've Made So Much Progress

"Thanks to Casa Pacifica and their wonderful Camino a Casa program, we've really made huge strides
with our daughter's behavior. She's back at school and happy again."

Parent of A Camino a Casa Client

A Big Thank You to Casa Pacifica

"Our son was having major difficulties and the Camino a Casa program really
turned things around for him. We're so happy to have our son back!"

Parent of a Camino a Casa Client

I learned to trust adults again

"While at Casa Pacifica I learned to trust adults again and for the first
time in my life I felt safe, respected, appreciated, and loved."

Camino a Casa Client

I am Forever Grateful

"I am forever grateful to Casa Pacifica for the help they gave our family. Their staff are incredible;
we have our son back home. Casa Pacifica loved me until I learned to love myself."

Parent of a Camino a Casa Client

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