What to Expect

What to Expect


The Admissions team will work with the referring party to determine if the Camino a Casa program will meet the needs of the youth/family being referred.

  1. Upon receiving the referral, the admissions team will gather clinical and insurance information to screen the youth and check insurance benefits.
  2. The admissions team will notify the referring party if the program will be able to meet the youth’s needs, as well as, their out-of-pocket costs (if any).
  3. The admissions team will collaborate with the family and clinical program managers to determine date of admission. When the referring party is ready to move forward with placing the youth in the program, the admissions team will conduct a pre-admission assessment to gather clinical information for authorization.
  4. Upon completion of the pre-admission assessment, the admissions team will move forward with seeking authorization for the recommended level of care.
  5. Prior to admission, the admissions team will schedule the initial psychiatric appointment (within 48 hours of admission) and will connect the family to the Non-Public School Director to review credit recovery process. It should be noted that youth do not dis-enroll in their home district, but rather Casa Pacifica will work their home school district to provide opportunities for credit recovery.

Upon authorization into the program, the following will be completed on the day of admission:

  1. The admissions team will initially meet with the parent/legal guardian(s) and youth to review consents, policies, welcome packet, and structure of the program including credit recovery details for youth in the residential or partial hospitalization program.
  2. The parent/legal guardian(s) and youth will then be escorted to the Health Services Department where they will meet with a nurse and complete the Preliminary Pain, Health, and Nutrition Screening. The nurse will also review psychiatric services.
  3. The Intake & Assessment Clinician will meet with the family after completing the screening by the Health Services Department. The Intake & Assessment Clinician will review and have the family sign the consent for mental health services, complete the preliminary risk and health screening, the client biopsychosocial assessment, treatment plan, admission diagnosis, and obtain the necessary electronic signatures. The Intake & Assessment Clinician will send a welcome email to the Camino a Casa team introducing the client by identifying their strengths, any safety concerns, and initial coping skills.
  4. A Youth Development Specialist will then meet with the youth if they are being admitted into the residential treatment program to search the youth and their belongings for any contraband and will complete an inventory list of their items.
  5. Parents will be invited to attend a one-hour parent orientation on the Saturday following admission. During parent orientation they will be introduced to the program, the youth’s schedule, the parent groups and activity schedule, and health services. Learn more about our Ventura Adolescent Programs.

You Gave Me Hope

"Casa Pacifica gave me the hope, strength, and tools I needed to move forward with my life."

Camino a Casa Client

We've Made So Much Progress

"Thanks to Casa Pacifica and their wonderful Camino a Casa program, we've really made huge strides
with our daughter's behavior. She's back at school and happy again."

Parent of A Camino a Casa Client

A Big Thank You to Casa Pacifica

"Our son was having major difficulties and the Camino a Casa program really
turned things around for him. We're so happy to have our son back!"

Parent of a Camino a Casa Client

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