Youth Counseling Services in Ventura County

Ventura County Children and Youth Health Services

With Ventura County as the backdrop for Camino a Casa’s 25-acre campus, we’ve been able to assist thousands of at-risk youth and their families as they face the most difficult time in their lives.

We believe in the importance of developing strong relationships while also recognizing that many of our patients need a wide range of activities to regulate their bodies and engage their minds. Our youth health services and programs are designed to increase the regulation of strong emotions that can often lead to so many of the problematic behaviors we see in our clients.

We are fully accredited by the American Psychological Association, the Association of Children’s Residential Centers, along with numerous other national organizations and state departments that license and certify our programs. Rest assured knowing your child, and your family, are in the best hands possible with our Ventura child and youth services.

Ventura Residential Treatment Facilities
Ventura Residential Treatment Facilities - Animal Therapy is a Treatment Option We Offer

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Ventura Area Resources

In addition to the Ventura area residential teen treatment programs for troubled teens and youth counseling that we offer directly, Camino a Casa also works with local Ventura mental health agencies and services. If you or a family member are having difficulty and need immediate assistance, here are some local services that can assist you:

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