Set Positive Intentions with Your Teen this New Year

New Year’s resolutions are often linked to a desire to somehow get better, look better or feel better. The intention may be positive, but often introducing a strict regimen around one’s body image can do more harm than good – especially for teens. What can teens do to set themselves up for mental wellness in 2019?

First and foremost, stop dieting, The Conversation recommends. Body image issues and eating disorders can sneakily be disguised by elimination diets. It’s very typical for such disorders to be associated with more severe mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Recommending healthy new habits that add to a teen’s lifestyle, such as exercise, social fitness or creative hobbies are a more productive path.

Reducing the amount of time teens spend with their phones and other devices can also lead to a positive emotional change in 2019. Excessive screen time is linked to depression and can disrupt healthy sleep patterns.

Last but not least, if mental health issues have become more prominent for your teen, make 2019 the year you seek professional help. At Casa Pacifica, we believe in comprehensive treatment. Our  program provides support for kids and teens dealing with a variety of mood and mental health disorders. Get in touch today to learn more.

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