Depression & The Christmas Effect on Young People

The holidays come with high expectations for merriment and family fun – which can be torture for a young person dealing with depression. The Christmas effect on young, depressed clients can manifest as anger, withdrawal, aggression or more dangerous behaviors like substance abuse. Not only is the school routine broken for a few weeks – young people, especially teens, can feel forced in to activities and rituals that may seem unnatural to them.

Here are some articles and publications on how family and context affect depression in young people.

Scholarly Articles
Does Context Matter? A Multi-Method Assessment of Affect in Adolescent Depression Across Multiple Affective Interaction Contexts – SAGE
Parental involvement in adolescent depression interventions – Wiley

Publications to Share with Parents 
Blue Christmas? For Teens, Depression Can Worsen This Time of the Year
Not All Is Merry & Bright: Teen Depression During the Holiday Season
Do You Have a Depressed Teen?

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