Laura Niedringhaus

Laura Niedringhaus

Clinical Outreach Manager

Laura Niedringhaus is the Clinical Outreach Manager for Camino a Casa and brings over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit, behavioral health, and addiction sector. In her previous roles in dual diagnosis treatment programs, she was an essential and passionate member of the management team and was responsible for overseeing business development, marketing and community outreach, and oversight of the alumni department. Throughout her tenure, she maintained direct contact with clients, donors, families, community members, treatment professionals, hospitals, schools, and government officials to bring awareness and understanding of how mental health and substance use work together. In a previous life, Laura held positions as a certified paralegal working in litigation, turn-around management and investigative firms throughout Orange County and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master of Science in Psychology with a Concentration in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Please feel free to reach out to Laura if you are interested in a tour of Camino a Casa or would like to learn more about our programs (805) 407-6570 or

You Gave Me Hope

"Casa Pacifica gave me the hope, strength, and tools I needed to move forward with my life."

Camino a Casa Client

We've Made So Much Progress

"Thanks to Casa Pacifica and their wonderful Camino a Casa program, we've really made huge strides
with our daughter's behavior. She's back at school and happy again."

Parent of A Camino a Casa Client

A Big Thank You to Casa Pacifica

"Our son was having major difficulties and the Camino a Casa program really
turned things around for him. We're so happy to have our son back!"

Parent of a Camino a Casa Client

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