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In Ojai, CA Camino a Casa has been active for decades in offering children & adolescents a range of care for families in crisis. With service levels that range from partial hospitalization to short-term treatment programs, to residential treatment to outpatient and in-home programs, our program is designed to treat youth ages 12 – 17 years of age. For children and adolescents who struggle with emotional dysregulation and high-risk behaviors that risk their safety and home, school, or the community, it’s essential to seek specialized treatment proven to work.

If you are aware of such an at-risk youth in the Ojai area, Camino a Casa facilitates stability through a therapeutic environment and in-depth psychiatric services that are uniquely tailored to the needs ot the families and children we serve.

We offer educational services that allow treatment while also completing their school work assigned from Ojai-area schools. With a fully-equipped classroom, our education specialist will coordinate with your Ojai area school, guiding students towards completing assignments and even enrolling in online school. We even offer music therapy and Phys Ed classes that count towards educational requirements.

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We work with local Ojai mental health agencies and services. If you or a family memeber are having difficulty and need immediate assistance, here are some local services that can assist you:

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