National Women’s History Month: Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope

Women’s History Month celebrates the major accomplishments and contributions of women throughout the history of the United States. This year’s theme, “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope” is dedicated to the “ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history.”

We can’t think of a more fitting theme to describe the dedication of our own staff in Camino a Casa. Many women choose healthcare as their career path and have chosen to advocate for better treatment and fight to remove the stigma against mental illness for all. The women of Camino a Casa, who work tirelessly to support our clients, are part of the backbone of our programs and a shining example of women providing healing and promoting hope.

Camino a Casa is proud to have many incredible women in leadership, including Dr. Kimberly Bennett, Chief Clinical Officer; Theresa Plante, Ed.D., Regional Director, Ventura County; and Dr. Katie Pfeiffer, Psy.D., Senior Program Manager of Camino a Casa. Their dedication and leadership inspires not only the youth in our care but other staff as well.


“The work is meant to be hard…it is the hard that makes it great (inspired by A League of Their Own)

-Theresa Plante Ed.D. Casa Pacifica Regional Director, Ventura County


Throughout the pandemic, Camino a Casa did not miss one day of service thanks to the dedication of our staff, ensuring our clients continued receiving critical support services. Leaders stepped up to fill empty shifts, working side by side with direct care staff to make sure conditions were safe for both youth and staff.

Every day, our direct care staff work together, with clients and families to strengthen familial bonds. They provide animal-assisted therapy with therapy dogs and EAGALA certified equine-assisted therapy to combat loneliness and encourage positive social interactions. They use affirmative therapy to support youth with needs relating to sexual orientation and gender identity expression. And our staff participate in experiential therapies with our youth to help them build social, problem-solving, cognitive skills, and more.

These are no easy tasks that can be done from home or “remotely.” On any given day, our staff may be teaching youth how to meal-prep healthy food, or getting creative with art therapy, or playing a round of soccer in the afternoons.

“I like the therapeutic groups and activities provided for our youth,” says Emily Henard, Assistant Cottage Supervisor, “They’re fun for staff too!”

“I am reminded daily that these kids need us to learn how to love themselves and improve social interactions and build relationships with others. When times get tough, I look back on how previous youth have gained self-esteem and the ability to smooth relationships with their family and friends. It is a process and I am reminded that change takes time and patience and that it is my job to provide an environment for them to grow and thrive.”

Mary-Lynn Wagner, Academic Facilitator for Camino RTC

The women of Camino a Casa work together and with our youth to help the youth become the people they wish to be. We thank all of our Camino a Casa staff for their dedication to our youth.

Camino a Casa (the road home) offers Casa Pacifica’s clinical expertise and experience treating children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral issues to the community at large through private insurance. A full range of behavioral health care has been designed to address the needs of children and youth from ages nine through 17 and their families. Intensive residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and intensive in-home behavioral health services comprise Camino a Casa’s continuum of care.

If your teen is struggling with emotion or behavioral issues, call our admissions team today for a free and confidential screening at (805) 366-4000.




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