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Camarillo California is home turf for Camino a Casa. We’ve been helping at-risk children and their families for decades from our 25-acre campus located in the community of Camarillo.

With programs designed to treat children, adolescents, and teens at the most challenging times of their lives, we’ve been able to help them overcome a wide array of complex emotional challenges.

Our campus-based services are designed to treat abuse & neglect, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, mood disorders, adoption and attachment issues, and we are prepared to help your family deal with these and other emotional dysregulation issues you may be struggling with.

We offer teen & child eating disorder programs, teen & child alcohol abuse programs and services, and a wide array of mental health services for Camarillo families designed for kids 9-17.

Residential Treatment Centers for Young Adults in Camarillo

Camino a Casa Child and Family Services Offered

In the Camarillo area and interested in learning more about Camino a Casa’s child and family services? Choose one of the following and learn more about how we help Camarillo area youth and their families:

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As an organization offering a teen treatment center along with community child and family services in Camarillo, we also work with local Camarillo mental health agencies and services. If you or a family member are having difficulty and need immediate assistance, here are some local services that can assist you:

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