Mental Health

Mental Health Services

At Casa Pacifica, we serve and treat youth who may be struggling with a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, aggressions, suicidal ideation, and co-occurring disorders. We provide a continuum of care and our goal is to prevent psychiatric hospitalizations and stabilization within the home environment.

  • Depressive and bipolar disorders: The symptoms of depression are characterized by an overwhelming feeling of sadness, isolation, and despair that lasts two weeks or longer at a time. Bipolar disorder occurs when periods of depression alternate with periods of mania (elevated mood, inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, difficulty maintaining attention, increase in goal-directed activity, and excessive involvement in pleasurable activities).
  • Anxiety: Anxiety becomes a disorder when the symptoms become chronic and interfere with our daily lives and ability to function. The primary anxiety disorders include: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, specific phobia, and social phobia.
  • Self-harm behaviors: These behaviors often manifest as an extension of mental health disorder and likely reflect an unhealthy way to cope with difficult feelings. Self-harming behaviors often become more severe without treatment.
  • Trauma and Post-traumatic stress disorder: Posttraumatic stress disorder involves five main components: experiencing a traumatic event, re-experiencing the event, engaging in avoidance, suffering from these experiences, and an increase in arousal symptoms (e.g., feeling “on edge” all the time).
  • Co-occurring disorders: This occurs when someone has a mental health and alcohol and/or substance abuse diagnosis.
  • Psychiatric hospitalization: When a person is in imminent danger, is putting others in imminent danger, or is unable to take care of their basic needs, a psychiatric hospitalization may be warranted. This is a time to reduce the stress for a person to determine the best course of treatment, develop or re-tool a treatment plan, and put the right resources in place for recovery.

You Gave Me Hope

"Casa Pacifica gave me the hope, strength, and tools I needed to move forward with my life."

Camino a Casa Client

We've Made So Much Progress

"Thanks to Casa Pacifica and their wonderful Camino a Casa program, we've really made huge strides
with our daughter's behavior. She's back at school and happy again."

Parent of A Camino a Casa Client

A Big Thank You to Casa Pacifica

"Our son was having major difficulties and the Camino a Casa program really
turned things around for him. We're so happy to have our son back!"

Parent of a Camino a Casa Client

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